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Smeg coffee machines: at the heart of your coffee break

If you see your future kitchen as a place where you can get together with friends, why not add a Smeg built-in and fully automatic coffee machine? The machines are very user-friendly as an LCD display gives you immediate, clear information, and can be programmed to automatically switch on whenever you want. Smeg coffee machines really do offer a wide range of features to meet every need and satisfy the most discerning palate. It is also possible to use either ready ground coffee or beans (with an adjustable grinding function). Various levels of coffee strength (from extra-light to extra-strong) and various lengths (from espresso to long) can be selected.

Smeg coffee machines are available in various styles and colours and coordinate perfectly with other appliances in the same aesthetic line, rounding off your kitchen environment in style.

  • CMSC451

    45 cm, automatic coffee machine, stainless steel and silver glass. Linea

  • CMS4601NR

    45 cm, automatic coffee machine, black glass. Dolce Stil Novo

  • CMS6451X

    45 cm, automatic coffee machine, antifingerprint stainless steel. Classic

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