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The popularity of steam cooking is certainly on the rise and over recent years, Smeg has been developing combination steam ovens to co-ordinate with other built-in products such as ovens, coffee machines and warming drawers in the linea and classic aesthetic ranges.

Smeg combination ovens

Smeg’s combination steam oven ensures that food retains its flavour, keeps its original form, and is healthier to eat – a succulent, delicious taste your family and friends will love.
Striking the perfect balance between energy efficiency, cost effectiveness and impressive aesthetics is a key consideration, as is functionality – making it an important addition to your appliance selection. 

Most of us are looking for an oven that’s simple to cook with, easy to clean and looks great, so the Smeg combination steam oven could be the answer you’ve been looking for. Perfect when steaming, roasting or grilling, steam ovens offer versatility, whilst being a healthy and tasty cooking method.

Customers will benefit from faster cooking times - typically 20-25% less than conventional cooking, as well as reduced energy consumption. Operating at a higher temperature than a conventional oven, the cooking environment is moist, using a fan-forced element. Unlike a standard oven that creates a dry cooking environment, steam is more forgiving, so food won’t spoil as easily. You can also cook multiple dishes at once without flavour transfer and perfectly reheat tricky foods like rice and pasta without drying ingredients out.

The compact oven is also equipped with a grill element which can be used in conjunction with the fan-forced function. This allows meat to be seared before cooking begins, resulting in a seamless cooking process with no other appliances needed. As a result, cooking hassles and cleaning are greatly reduced, leaving you with a calmer, cleaner kitchen.