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Smeg refrigerators are the perfect allies in the best preservation of food


The primary objective: no more food waste, often due to poor preservation. Extending the life span of food, by preserving all the nutritious values and organoleptic qualities, has now become the main imperative for refrigerators, because correct preservation also leads to health and physical well-being. Indeed, there is a growing preference for organic and local produce bought from farmers' markets, which, not having been chemically treated, has the inconvenience of perishing more quickly.

The technology of preservation thus makes the difference, and what a difference. The fridge is no longer seen as a “cooling cabinet”, but as an essential ally for healthy and tasty food. This is also to avoid, or at least reduce, the amount of food waste, calculated at 76kg per year for every Italian.

Smeg side-by-side refrigerators

Energy consumption is no longer the only driver when choosing a refrigerator. Other technological innovations are thus becoming fundamental as well, aimed at maintaining the properties of food for as long as possible, whether from an organoleptic point of view (colour, odour, consistency and taste) or that of nutritional provision. Alongside No Frost technology, which has marked a change in the history of keeping things cold in the kitchen, Smeg has added strategies focused on preserving food from dehydration, without losing sight of another important result: avoiding the formation of frost.

For this reason the Multiflow ventilation system, present in various models of refrigerators, allows the uniform circulation of air to maintain a consistent temperature and a constant degree of humidity throughout the compartment. In addition to this, particular internal coatings, made from anti-bacterial material with silver ions, guarantee better hygiene and especially prevent the formation of mould and bacteria.

But that's not all. The top of the range models, including the FAB50, have a low temperature area, around 0°C, ideal for keeping more perishable food such as fish, meat and cheese fresh. Other tricks however relate to the interior lighting. Particular use of the light as a preservation factor is achieved with the Active Fresh Blue Light system – present in the 4-door fridges such as the FQ60XPE- which enables the preservation time to be increased in the fruit and vegetable drawers, preserving the vitamin content for longer. LED lights, however, present in many Smeg fridges – FAB32, FAB30, and many others – do not cause changes in the temperature in the refrigerator space, being cold lights. They even enable energy to be saved, as well as providing optimum visibility of the food stored, thus making it easier to monitor.

The better the technology, the bigger the dimensions. To the classic Side-by-Sides, such as the SS55P, with over 600 litres, we've added the 4-door with Multizone compartment, usable as a freezer or a refrigerator depending on your needs, and the French door models that combine the fridge compartment with the freezer section, divided up into drawers. Another solution can be provided by the combination of 2 single-door units, i.e a standard fridge and freezer with the same dimensions and the same style, to increase the preservation space. In this case, for those looking to add strong character to their kitchen, the choice easily shifts to the 50's style products, the retro fridge FAB28 and the retro freezer CVB20, which with their curved lines and their vivid colours, will not only guarantee the best refrigeration, but also be a delight to the eyes!