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An intense, aromatic espresso in the best of Italian traditions or a creamy cappuccino with a generous topping of foam: now you can prepare them in the comfort of your own home with the new CMSC451 built-in coffee machine.

This exclusive Smeg household appliance combines professional performance with the refined good looks of the Linea design, with elegant Stopsol® ”Super silver” glass and stainless steel surfaces featuring a simple design and backlit knobs that come on when the machine is being used.

The automatic cappuccino maker prepares delicate milk foam which can be adjusted in thickness to suit everyone's tastes by using the special jug provided or directly in your cup, while the steam nozzle provides hot water for tea, herbal tea and other drinks.

The machine is extremely versatile, allowing you to prepare one or two cups of coffee at the same time. Coffee can be adjusted in strength (from extra-mild to extra-strong), quantity (espresso, medium and long) and  temperature. Beans can also be used in addition to ground coffee, which are ground by the machine also allowing you to choose the desired degree of grinding.

This household appliance also has a practical LCD display which clearly and intuitively supplies multilingual information. It can be programmed to switch itself on so that it can heat itself up when you want, for example, in the morning as soon as you get up, whilst the stand-by function allows you to save energy when it is not being used.

Equipped with a removable water container, compartments for coffee beans and ground coffee and a drip tray, the product also has telescopic guides and an adjustable coffee dispenser for different height cups. It also automatically carries out a rinsing and a descaling operation every time it is switched on or off.

Designed to offer maximum ease of use, a distinctive appearance, top performance and expert results the new CMSC451 is perfect for any household environment allowing you to enjoy a cup of coffee with an exquisite fragrance and aroma.

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