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Take a different approach to informal get togethers and create a chic and sophisticated ambience with an attractive and original designer item that is unmistakably 50s. The new FAB10HR encapsulates the philosophy of Italian hospitality in an eye-catching and retro style.

Developed instinctively, the Happy Bar goes beyond the classic minibar concept to offer you an innovative and special item of interior design which is ideal for housing bottles of spumante, wine and other drinks and snacks. Moreover, the Happy Bar has a greater capacity than the average minibar and is much more distinctive; it is thus the perfect solution for completing the interior design or furnishing of professional environments such as meeting rooms or offices, or any area that needs a dedicated product for drinks and snacks.

Leaving the aesthetic qualities of the Happy Bar aside for a moment, the technology used in the appliance ensures it has an A+ energy efficiency rating. This means it is a high performance product but consumes very little energy. Available in red, cream and black, the FAB10HR has a gross capacity of 135 litres. The flexible internal space, the bottle holders (which allow bottles to be placed either vertically or horizontally), the chrome bottle rack and special shelves for cans ensure that any kind of drinks container can be perfectly placed and the layout rearranged depending on your needs. 

The FAB10HR also features an adjustable thermostat and automatic defrost function and operates extremely quietly with a noise level of only 37dB(A).

This item is for fans of quality design who are looking for hi-tech, high performance products, and the Smeg Happy Bar has huge appeal: its smooth lines and curves take us on a tongue-in-cheek nostalgia trip back to the lively and vibrant 50s and its famous stylosophy.

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