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HOB – PV750S


Style in its purest form. The new 74cm PV750S gas hob is a minimalist design in which the linearity of the cast iron pan stands, which gradually extend across in sections and maximise available space, complements the quality of the supersilver glass. The silver glass and bevelled edging enhance and add a touch of class to the hob, and the striking geometric rationalism of the controls is another big plus.

The PV750S is not just style without substance, however. Smeg's technological innovation guarantees high performance and safety levels. The model's cutting-edge burners, one of which is a ultra-rapid triple-flame 4.20 kW version, produce an almost vertical flame, causing heat to concentrate. Consequently, cooking times are cut and energy consumption is significantly reduced.  The hob's practicality is also evident when it comes to cleaning. Traces of dirt and food residue can be wiped off very easily, but if you want to give the hob a more thorough going over then the pan stands, controls and burners can be removed with the minimum of fuss.  

Hob safety is ensured by two features: safety valves and glass-on-steel protection. The former cut off the gas supply if the flame is accidentally extinguished while the latter increases the strength and solidity of the appliance. A stainless steel layer fixed to the underside of the glass helps prevent shattering in the unlikely event that the glass of the hob is accidentally broken, and enables the continued safe use of the product until a replacement base can be fitted.

The flawless aesthetics combined with excellent performance and special functions mean the PV750S hob is a much sought-after product that ticks all the right boxes in terms of careful and meticulous design. 

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