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Smeg has created a stunning and inventive new way of caring for houseplants: the Home Garden.  Developed in conjunction with the Piano Design architectural studio, the essential lines of the steel and toughened glass structure combine with the appeal of the internal diffused lighting and vaporiser to enhance the shapes and colours of the potted plants kept inside.   Based on a concept of "green design", a current trend in architecture and urban planning, the Home Garden is a complementary appliance which is ideal for people who love plants but whose homes do not have an outside space. Particularly practical and functional, the appliance can be placed on any surface or on the specially devised pedestal, while the pots can be easily removed without having to bend over or crouch down.

The aesthetic virtue of the Home Garden is matched by its technologically innovative functions. The appliance can be programmed manually, allowing you choose the right setting and optimum atmospheric conditions for various kinds of plants.  Three pre-set programmes create the following microclimates which spur and maintain the growth of various kinds of plants: Tropical, ideal for orchids, green foliage plants, bonsai and cuttings; Dry, ideal for succulents; and Temperate, ideal for flowering plants. All you have to do to set the climate you want is to press a button on the remote control and the appliance will do the rest.  Moreover, completely new plants can be grown thanks to a special function which heats the potting compost into which cuttings are placed. 

Based on the design of a house, with its roof and entrance, the Home Garden is the perfect gift for garden and plant lovers and people who appreciate tasteful and refined design.

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