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LBB14 SMEGLively colours, retro design, a stainless steel handle matching the stylised logo clearly visibleon the door. Along with other items from the Smeg 50's Retro Style collection, the uniquefeatures of the LBB14 washing machine, a reissue of the LBB16 model, have changed themodus operandi of household appliances.The new edition has been launched on the market with a series of design and aestheticinnovations that further enhance the product's performance and style, for example, energyclass A+ and a white model to join the existing pastel pink, pastel blue and cream. Its loadcapacity has been increased to up to 7kg, and its 30cm wide porthole-shaped door allow largequantities of laundry to be washed as easily as possible.Additionally, when the outer door is closed, the utility area can be kept as tidy, thanks to twointernal compartments used to store detergents and all other necessary items, held togetherby a special system that prevents them from moving or making a noise during the spin cycle.The digital display and electronic controls allow the user to view each washing phase and toselect from the different programs available.The appliance has fifteen programs, helping to obtain the best results and adapting to themost contrasting needs. Among the programs, there is the innovative Daily Wash thatcompletes its cycle in just 45 minutes, and the Night Wash, which saves a considerableamount of energy and ensures particularly low noise levels.Designed to match the other products from the same aesthetic line, the Smeg LBL14 washingmachine is a household appliance with a style that is unique and exclusive, designed to obtainthe best in terms of performance.

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