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NEW LINEA HOBS – P1752X, P1641X, P1640X

Steel and cast iron for appliances with character


Sculpted surfaces and linear design equals dynamism and grandeur. The new Linea hobs from Smeg have a distinct and unwavering style, typified by the cast iron pan stands which gradually extend across in sections, maximising available space and giving geometric rationality to the hob.

The minimalist aesthetics, inspired by new trends in car design, are striking as a result of their smooth, linear surfaces that reveal the powerful and functional nature of these new appliances.

The stainless steel hob features two linear grooves which make the surface slightly concave. This enables any liquids that escape during cooking to be collected and prevents them from splashing on to your worktop. The pan stands (either 2 or 3 stand sections are supplied depending on the model) offer superb stability and integrate perfectly with the rest of the hob to complete the light and minimal product concept.

In order to facilitate cleaning and improve hygiene standards in the kitchen, all three hobs have been designed with rounded corners and edges.

Aesthetic considerations aside, the hobs are also high performance pieces of equipment. The automatic electronic ignition system ignites the burner flame instantly. Currently, there are three hobs in the range: the 5-burner P1752X, including 1 ultra-rapid triple-flame 4.20 kW burner, and the 4-burner 60cm P1641X and P1640X (the former also features an ultra-rapid burner).

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