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An elegant brushed stainless steel sink which stands out for its modern and minimalist design. Yes, we're talking about the new Smeg LD861D, a sink that has been rigorously designed to guarantee aesthetic consistency in a variety of different settings. Its square shapes and strongly rationalist drainer mean it is a perfect fit for any contemporary kitchen. The ultra low profile (rests just 4mm above the worktop) gives the sink a tasteful and discreet appearance and complements the aesthetics of your worktop.

Moreover, the new model is highly practical. Cleaning is now even easier thanks to the sink's "radial" design. The corners and edges have been rounded as a result to prevent dirt from building up in gaps and making cleaning difficult.

The sink is 86cm wide and the dimensions of the bowl are 34x40x20cm. The 20cm depth makes the bowl particularly roomy and comfortable to use as well.

Thanks to its rigorous design, the Smeg LD861D is the ideal sink for any kitchen setting and the perfect solution to the practical and aesthetic demands of modern living.

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