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The innovative four door side-by-side refrigerator makes the best and most logical use of its sizeable capacity to offer flexible and personalised solutions. The Smeg FQ60XPE has an even bigger gross capacity: 610 litres, ideal for conserving large amounts of food or for a variety of other purposes. This model differs from the other side-by-side models in terms of its multi-functional layout: the bottom right Multizone compartment can be used either as a refrigerator or a freezer, and the temperature can be set using the external display. The refrigerator compartment is on top and stretches across the whole length of the unit, making the most of the available space. The 83cm glass shelves are more than capable of supporting trays and large, heavy plates. Furthermore, the FQ60XPE model introduces several new innovations which improve performance. The fresh food drawers, for example, are lit by the exclusive Active Fresh Blu Light system which improves conservation of fruit and vegetables and preserves their vitamin content for longer. Both the fridge and freezer compartments are fitted with a humidity control system which circulates air and keeps side-by-side products completely frost-free.

The FQ60XPE is also very energy efficient (it has an A+ energy efficiency rating) and features an Economy mode, which intelligently analyses how the appliance is normally used and automatically adjusts operation to reduce energy consumption as much as possible. Moreover, the LCD digital display and soft touch controls make it possible to easily adjust the functions selected and regulate the interior temperature settings without opening the door. This has a significant energy saving and a lower cooling loss.

Let's not forget the design aesthetics, however. Made entirely from stainless steel whose special coating makes the surface "finger-friendly" and stain-resistant, the side-by-side FQ60XPE can be considered a new and illustrious example of rational refrigeration.

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