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The washing machine from the 50’s Retro Style line, a refreshed version of the previous LBL16 model, has been released on the market with new colours and innovative design andtechnology that further improves its performance.
The product is available in shades of pastelpink, pastel blue and white. It reinvents domestic space by combining two elements essentialfor everyday spaces - a washing machine and a sink. The sink has a combined mixer and a 7-litre washing capacity, which allows it to be used as a basin for hand washing.
The LBL14 washing machine is designed for maximum ease of use and is manufactured withan inner door that hides the porthole-shaped door and at the same time houses two shelves. The shelves are designed to place sponges, cleaners and all other items necessary for cleaningand washing, thus creating a tidy utility area.Its design complies with energy class A+ and it can be used to wash large quantities oflaundry, owing to its particularly high 7-kg washing capacity. It can also be loaded very easilyas it has a 30cm wide porthole door. The digital display also allows users to view and checkwashing cycles, while its electronic controls can be used to select different wash settings andtypes.
The LBL14 washing machine has fifteen programs that guarantee excellent results for all kindsof laundry. Among the programs, there is the innovative Daily Wash that completes its cycle injust 45 minutes. There is also a Night Wash, which saves a considerable amount of energy bytaking advantage of the lower cost of energy available during the night and ensuresparticularly low noise levels.
Smeg LBL14 washing machines are designed to look like the legendary FAB refrigerators and BLV2 dishwashers, noted for exclusive design that blends functionality and style. It is forlovers of retro design and style who are also looking for technologically advanced solutions.

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